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LCN — Prawita GENPPARI is an association of Indonesian tourism activists or Indonesian Tourism Community. Born with a strong drive to promote tourism, arts and culture and empowering SMEs products to advance Indonesian tourism. As an archipelagic country that has tens of thousands of islands, Indonesia has an extraordinary diversity of tourism potential. Both nature tourism, art and culture tourism, historical tourism, religious tourism, and various other types of tourism. Referring to this fact, Prawita GENPPARI is active in educating and training tourism human resources with various programs, including developing tourist villages throughout the country.

BERITA TERKAIT  Reses Berjalan Lancar, Ilhamudin Terimakasih Drs. Rahman Telah Tampung Aspirasi Warga Klambir V Kampung

*Vision :*
Making Indonesian tourism a mainstay sector to increase love for the country and the welfare of the nation

*Mission :*
1. Identify and map all tourism potentials throughout Indonesia
2. Promote Indonesia tourism to domestic and foreign tourists in a planned, structured and massive manner
3. Develop creativity by organizing events to increase interest and tourism potential
4. Build international networks and cooperation with foreign tourism community, include all stakeholder related to advance the world of tourism

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